Lacy Wright(non-registered)
I have had the pleasure of working with Misty multiple times over the last couple of years. It all began with my maternity pictures with my first child. She traveled to Lincoln and we took pictures outdoors as well as in our own home. Next came the birth of our son. Misty captured some truly amazing pictures of an unforgettable day. Needless to say, these pictures are some of my most prized possesions. Misty also did the newborn through age one pictures of our son Henry. She is great about not repeating the same kinds of pictures throughout that first year. Every picture we have is different! I also had Misty do a photo session for my sister and her family, and again, couldn't be happier with the way they turned out! Now that my husband and I are expecting our second child, Misty has already done one set of maternity pictures for us and we still have one more to do. We have already enlisted Misty's services to capture the birth of our second child, with all of the newborn pictures to follow. Misty is a truly talented photographer and is so patient, even when our son was crying at every session! All I can say is, "Thank You" Misty and we look forward to many more years of your wonderful photos!
Loves and Hugs Photography
Regarding Loves and Hugs experience:

My wife and I spent many days and time calling around to find the “best” photographer for shooting our twin daughters! We talked with many different people, some higher priced some lower priced. Needless to say after much thought and discussion we choose to go with Misty from Loves and Hugs. I will say she is by far the BEST; she went above and beyond our expectations. She took the time needed and has the patience to work with multiples. As, we have learned and I am sure everyone who has multiples they can take A LOT of time, they take a lot of effort and many times you wonder how am I doing this? However, the photo shoot was nothing major (for us) Misty was patience, caring, held the babies helped make sure they were in their “right mind” for the photos. This was a very smooth process and it was very evident that she cares about what she does but also who she works with. I would recommend Misty anytime and to anyone; she is incredibly talented and gifted at what she does! I can say with out hesitation she is by far the best, the people who see our pictures are amazed at how she has them placed and situated perfectly. Many times I have ben ask “did she photo shop the hands or this or that” the simple answer “no” she spend the time necessary to get the job done right and with the best quality. We look forward to many years of working with her and our family.

Suzanne and Justin Hayes
Aimee Hobbs(non-registered)
I grew up with Misty in Texas & when it came time for me to get married I called her even thought the wedding would be in Texas & on the beach.We moved our schedules around so she would be in town the weekend that I was getting married.Needless to say of pictures turned out AMAZING ...We were so happy & blessed that she took them.She captured all of our intimate & funny moments.Shes an excellent photographer..
Jill Aerni(non-registered)
ow can you sum up a person like Misty in a few sentences? It’s near impossible!! What I can share is that she is one of the most passionate and gifted photographers I have had the true pleasure of both knowing and working with. I stumbled onto Misty from a website search and thank my lucky stars I called her! From the first photo session we had together of my pregnancy to the most recent of my precious little boy she has amazed me. She is creative, spunky and thinks well on her feet- critical skills needed to capture a special moment on film. Misty is also patient- a quality that truly helpful when working with little ones and unpredictable personalities. Each time I see a new batch of photo proofs I can hardly contain my excitement- her photos are just breathtaking! She manages to capture my son’s personality in so many ways. I know that years from today when I look back at these photos I will always be grateful Misty was able to freeze time for just a moment and allow me to keep these memories close to my heart.
Chelsea Mayfield(non-registered)
Anyone can take a picture, but to be able to capture a memory is different. I have been able to watch my son grown from my belly to almost a year old through pictures because of Misty and her talent! She is reasonable with her pricing, makes your shoot comfortable and fit your own style. It is not often I can say that a relationship that started out as a business one has turned into a friendship! She is an amazing photographer! Thanks Misty for all of my still memories!!
Angela Erickson(non-registered)
When I first met Misty I thought, “Lordy, what am I going to do with this red head." :) Then we graduated high school, go married and had babies. We both seemed to be stuck at a dead end road when it came to our career paths. I mean, aren't you suppose to have it all figured out by the fifth grade? Misty seemed to have a passion for photography early on in her high school years, but I never thought her passion ran this deep. Being that we are military wives, our commitment to our families has stretched us further apart than we could've ever imagined. Still, I have watched her photography take off in a blink of an eye with only a moment’s notice. She is truly an amazing photographer. One day when life brings me back closer to home, I know who I will call on to capture the little moments in my life that seem to slip away so fast. Misty is truly an inspiration. The gift she has been given is a remarkable one to say the least. A person’s memory is put in her hands to capture for a lifetime, and with the click of her camera, she delivers so much more.
Tami Price(non-registered)
Well Misty Kastl is a wonderful person to work with!! When my daughter had to be taken to Lincoln for breathing problems she was there and capture all the moments i couldnt cause of having surgery that day. I will never forget that moment because of the wondeful pictures that she captured!!! I would recommend her to anyone!! Thanks Misty for doing a wonderfull job!!
Chelsea Mayfield(non-registered)
YAY!!!!!!!!!!! This is awesome Misty!!!! I love the new website! And the convenience of being able to pay online! Wonderful! Can't wait to use it :)
Tami Price(non-registered)
I love this new website that you have. I just goes with all the other work that you do. You are a very talented person.
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