I am a big time city girl who's roots are from Texas. Natural light photography is my passion and to me, photographs are a story. Each setting provides something new for me to dive into. I love seeing people in love, and the joy of welcoming in a new life. Not only do I make new friends with my clients, but I get inspiration from each one of the families I work with. I Love capturing sweet memories of childhood and special family times, the miracle of life is just that.... a Miracle!

I enjoy what I do, and most of the time it hardly seems like work at all, at the end of day I have a wonderful husband and 3 handsome sons, and one gorgeous daughter waiting for me at home! I'm blessed to have such wonderful people in my life and a career that I love!

*Please note that as a Newborn and Birth Photographer, a newborn session {if need be} and birth session may lead to a reschedule of your session if the times are conflicting. I will try my best to please everyone but as most of us know babies arrive whenever they feel like it and only stay "fresh" for a short period of time. Thank you for understanding.

*Editing times may vary from week to week and session to session, please understand that I am a mom of 4 babies and a wife first and for most. I do my best to make my turn around time as short as possible but understand that I put my family first as I'm sure you do as well! Turn around times for prints may vary depending on holidays and amount of orders. Because of the nature of my business I do not offer refunds and pleasing my clients is very important to me.

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